Mix de 25 músicas, Atmospheric Post Rock

Tartavara - Flavor Of The Latest Winter
Burzum - To Hell And Back Again
Delectatio - When The Wind Blows
Auranyx - Divinity
The Echelon Effect - 180 From Yesterday
Servants Of Silence - Agustins Helicopter (new Song!)
Mono - Human Highway
Aurora Borealis - Goodbye
Auranyx - Home
Ef - Hello Scotland
Tuber - Lap Dance
Childs Yui 10 Ian P.
We - Aurora Borealis (ambience, Atmosphere, Shoegaze, Post-rock)
Astral Melancholy - Instrumental
Aurora Borealis - S.
Hammock - Wish
Inward Oceans - Rolling Through
Lustre - Petrichor
Circadian Eyes ~ And We Carved Our Names Into The Trees
Tristeza - Halo Heads
James Maloney - Lament (clemens Ruh Remix)
Shwin - Running Away From What You Lost
Childs - Mariana
The Echelon Effect - Finality
Jakob - Resounding
Tartavara - Flavor of the Latest Winter

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