Mix de 25 músicas, Brutal Death Metal

Portal - Black Houses
Broken Flesh - Warbound (full Album)
Vomit The Soul - Inconsistent Delta
Metanoia - Time To Die 1999 [full Album]
Hypocrisy - Warpath
Necrophagist- Stabwound
Sacrificium - Existence
Vader Helleluyah (god Is Dead)
Trepalium - Sick Boogie Muder
The Amenta- Mictlan (occasus)
Napalm Death - When All Is Said And Done (official Video)
Job For A Cowboy - Entombment Of A Machine
Undead Devourment - Beating The Elderly
Meshuggah - Bleed (official Music Video)
Amputated - Slam Pig
Bloodbath - Eaten
Inhabit - Sins Of Man
Terrorizer - Fear Of Napalm
Putrefying Cadaverment - Vomitous Defecation
The Absence Dead And Gone (official Video)
Rehumanize - Resident Apostasy 2009 [full Album]
Gutrot - Gorging On Menstrual Chunks
Sanatorium - Fetus Rape
Defeated Sanity - Verses Of Deformity
Abnormity - Guttural Bleeding
Portal - Black Houses

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