Mix de 25 músicas, Brutal Deathcore

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - Morality
Signs Of The Swarm - Mouth Sewn Prophets [music Video] (2016)..
Internal Devour- Livin The Dream [new Single 2016]
Empire - Goliath
Chainsaw Castration - The Palpitation Of Every Artery (feat Calum..
The Voynich Code - Antithesis (official Music Video)
Aversions Crown - Erebus (official Track)
Inanimate Prognosis - Unborn Atrocity (feat. Duncan Of Vulvodynia)..
Gouge - Kicked Teeth [official Ep Stream] (2015) Sw Exclusive
Enterprise Earth - Hollow Face
Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin (official Music Video)
Spite - Kingdom Of Guts
Thy Art Is Murder - Soldiers Of Immortality (official Video)
Fit For An Autopsy - Heads Will Hang Official Music Video
Xtexas Chainsawx - Deathwish [debut Single] (2016) Sw Exclusive
Cotard Syndrome - Engorge [single] (2016) Sw Exclusive
Before I Turn - Leeches (ft. Adam Warren Of Oceano)
Vulvodynia - Cognizant Castigation [official Album Stream] (2014) Sw Exclusive
Existence Has Failed- Human Eradication Ft Dan Watson (enterprise Earth)
Traitors- The Hate Campaign [official Video]
Animal - Worthless - Lyric Video - Instinct 10.28.14
Manhunt - S/t [2014]
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - Pain Is Pleasure [audio]
Inanimate Prognosis - Father Horror [official Album Stream] (2016) Sw Exclusive
Filth - God Has A Plan (full Ep Stream)
The Last Ten Seconds of Life - Morality

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