Mix de 25 músicas, C86

【digital Wing】 「nanahira」 最高で最低な恋の物語
Talulah Gosh Janice Long 30th July 1986
Bogshed John Peel 14th April 1987
The Bodines - Therese - 7 1986
Miaow - Sport Most Royal
Age Of Chance - From Now On, This Will Be Your God
Close Lobsters - What Is There To Smile About
Half Man Half Biscuit - I Hate Nerys Hughes
The Wolfhounds Son Of Nothing (live)
Big Flame John Peel 4th May 1986
The Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait
Age Of Chance John Peel 6th October 1985
Close Lobsters - Firestation Towers
Big Flame The Ica London 4th October 1984
Big Flame John Peel 17th February 1985
【digital Wing】 「erotan」 Super Egoism
Big Flame John Peel 10th July 1984
The Bodines Janice Long 30th October 1985
The Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait 12
Shop Assistants - Its Up To You
A Witness - Sharpened Sticks
The Field Mice - Emmas House
The Shrubs John Peel 26th August 1987
The Wolfhounds Set Me Free (live)
Stump John Peel 26th January 1986
【DiGiTAL WiNG】 「Nanahira」 最高で最低な恋の物語

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