Mix de 25 músicas, C86

Close Lobsters John Peel 15th December 1987
The Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait
The Servants - Transparent
A Witness John Peel 20th November 1988
The Shop Assistants The Electric Ballroom Camden 9th September 1985
A Witness - Sharpened Sticks
The Pastels - Breaking Lines
Primal Scream Croydon 19th November 1985
【digital Wing】 「amayadori Domino」 Dream Wing
Mccarthy The West End Centre, Aldershot 9th January 1988
Bogshed John Peel 15th July 1986
Mackenzies - Big Jim (theres No Pubs In Heaven)
The Mighty Lemon Drops Andy Kershaw 14th November 1985
Close Lobsters - Firestation Towers
The Mighty Lemon Drops-happy Head-live
Mighty Mighty - Law
Happydeadmen - Silent Sigh City
The Wolfhounds Set Me Free (live)
Big Flame The Ica London 4th October 1984
Age Of Chance John Peel 6th October 1985
Miaow John Peel 8th June 1986
The Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait 12
Stump - Buffalo
David Westlake & The Go-betweens Janice Long 14th January 1987
The Shop Assistants Janice Long 16th February 1986
CLOSE LOBSTERS John Peel 15th December 1987

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