Mix de 25 músicas, Calypso

King Austin - Progress
Harry Belafonte - Kingston Market
Mighty Chalkdust - From Naipaul To Shame
Asana- Forever
The Mighty Sparrow - Is Norman Do Dat
Maestro - Mr.trinidad
Gateway Outreach Ministries- Were Overcomers
Lord Blakie - Steelband Clash
De Warrior- De Blood
Doh Rock It So - Baron
Mighty Chalkdust - I In Town Too Long
Nijel Rawlins- Praise And Rejoice
David Rudder - Calypso Music
Lord Melody - Belmont Jackass
Tightest By Busy Signal... Great Fete Exclusive
Sean Daniel- Running
The Burton Sisters- No Weapon
Harry Belafonte - Come Back Liza
Sparrow & Melody - Picong Duel
Mighty Sparrow - Slave
Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum
Bahia Girl - David Rudder
Mighty Sparrow - Witch Doctor
Mighty Sparrow - Shanty Town People
Shadow - Soucouvant
King Austin - Progress

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