Mix de 25 músicas, Celtic Rock

Brush Shiels - The Fields Of Athenry
Smoke On The Water, Scotland The Brave Live
Needfire Band Plays Celtic Hard-rock
The Dreadnoughts - Grace Omalley
Saor Patrol - M.s.b
Dracovallis, Claudie Mackula And Tartalo Music | Elysian Forest..
The Pogues - The Rake At The Gates Of Hell
Tam Playing The Bagpipes
Celtic Fusion Illusion - The Deep
The Dreadnoughts - Polka Never Dies
Gangnam (pipers) Style (red Hot Chilli Pipers)
Orthodox Celts - Pain For Sale
Neck - The Ferry Fare
Flogging Molly -the Rare Old Times!!
The Skels-paupers Grave.avi
Clanadonia - Ya Bassa Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Rún - Lord Mayo
La Marmotte - Ridee 6 Temps
Smokey Bastard - Sprocket
Mervent - Tri Martolod
Sir Reg - Bolloxology
Albannach - The Uprising - Braveheart
Rumblin : Celtic Rock Music
Celtic Rock By Celtic Chaos - He Moved Through The Fair / Cead..
The Silver Spear On Medieval Bagpipes
Brush Shiels - The Fields of Athenry

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