Mix de 25 músicas, Chicano Rap

King Lil G - Welcome To L.a. Feat. Dina Rae (official Music Video)
Mr. Criminal - Side 2 Side/whats My Name
I Need A Cuete
Mr. Capone-e - Let Me Love U Girl
S.p.m. When Devils Strike
King Lil G- (double9) Real Life (video)
King Lil G- Whats Up (track 1)
Kill Everyone Big Lokote Feat Estilo
Mr. Criminal - The Sequel (new 2015 Exclusive)
Conejo - It All Comes Back Pt.2
Mr. Criminal - Full Speed (new 2015 Exclusive)
Big Lokote-dont You Dare
Stomper - Strugglin Again
Spm- The System
Mr.criminal - Domesplitter Ft. Brotha Lynch Hung, C-lim (official Music Video)
Sureno Thug (with Lyrics)
Chicano Oldies
Spm Garza West
Estilo Chicano
Westside Cartel How We Party
Westside Cartel - Walking Through Your Hood - The Best Of We
Lighter Shade Of Brown - Hey Dj | Official Video
Kid Frost - La Raza
Lil G - Real Life
Lil Cuete-rainy Days
King Lil G - Welcome to L.A. Feat. Dina Rae (Official Music Video)

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