Mix de 25 músicas, Chinese Traditional

Beautiful Chinese Music【4】traditional【the Red Plum Blossoms】 Youtube
Spring On A Moonlit River
Beautiful Chinese Music【7】traditional【chantey】 Youtube
Chinese Music【13】traditional【天仙子】
Chinese Music - Relaxing Chinese Instrumental 4
Beautiful Chinese Music [中国传统音乐] Traditional Chinese Music 22
Traditional Chinese Music Instrumental - The Misty Rain Of Jiangnan
Beautiful Chinese Music【11】traditional【treasure】 Youtube
Beautiful Chinese Music【44】traditional【book Of Female Filial Duties】
Beautiful Chinese Music【33】traditional【spring Of West Lake】
Chinese Music - Relaxing Chinese Instrumental 16
Traditional Chinese Music Instrumental 9
Traditional Chinese Music Instrumental 4
Beautiful Chinese Music【17】traditional【tea Scent】
Beautiful Chinese Music【72】traditional【sweep Of Our Minds】
Traditional Chinese Music Instrumental 20〡hulusi Flute
Beautiful Chinese Music【12】traditional【the Wandering Songstress】
Tong Li 童丽 • Traditional Chinese Music • 长相依
Sad Chinese Instrument Bamboo Flute | Relaxing Chinese Traditional Music
Chinese Music【10】traditional【傾國傾城】 480p
Chinese Classical Music【15】《孤星獨吟》簫曲chinese Bamboo Flute
Dance Of The Yao People
Peking Opera Melody: Flowing Water
Beautiful Chinese Music【46】traditional【beauty In Red】
Beautiful Chinese Music【4】Traditional【The Red Plum Blossoms】 YouTube

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