Mix de 25 músicas, Chiptune

Drax - X-factor (1990)
(chiptune) Blow Into The Cartridge By Izioq
Keygen Music - Acme - Acronis Trueimage 10kg
One Day Ill Be An Indie Dev By Izioq
[famitracker] Chrono Cross - Scars Of Time [vrc7]
(chiptune) Pizza + Vhs + Friends By Izioq
Dubstep - Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears - Beat Splitters Remix
Eternal Sunshine By Izioq
Approaching Nirvana - Will Rain (extended Mix)
Cirno Fortress Stage 2 (stage 36b) [2a03, Famitracker]
Before Your Eyes - Approaching Nirvana
[chiptune Music] Kb / Tammo Hinrichs - Plasmania
Nostalgic Blood Of The East ~ Old World - Mega Zun Stage X [2a03, Famitracker]
Approaching Nirvana - No Strings Attached (original Mix)
Pleasurekraft - Anubis + Carny Remixes
One Must Fall 2097 (1986 Remix) - Nes/famitracker
Tempest - Blackjack
[chiptune Music] Maktone - Bfp
Kirby Super Star - 8-bit Halberd Nightmare Warship On Famitracker (remix-ish)
Stage 29 (original)
Fearofdark - Polaris
Fantomenk - Bionic Belly Button
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time - 8-bit Technodrome..
(8-bit Nes-style) Floater Land (buoy Base Galaxy) – Super Mario Galaxy
Dream To Remember - Approaching Nirvana
DRAX - X-Factor (1990)

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