Mix de 25 músicas, Crossover Thrash

Exploited - Army Life
Sodom - Nuclear Winter
Whiplash - Thrash Till Death
Lost Society - Kill Those Who Oppose Me - (official Music Video)
Mdc - I Hate Work
Crumbsuckers - Just Sit There - Life Of Dreams
Prong - Forgery
Overkill - Bring Me The Night (official Music Video)
Indestroy - The Gate
I Wanna Piss On You
Urban Waste No Hope
Destruction - Thrash Till Death
Overkill - Deny The Cross
Disgrace - Mental Disorder
Sacred Storm - Confessions Of A Killer
Septic Death
Anthrax - Milk (ode To Billy)
Crass - Big A Little A
Hyades - Megamosh
Metallica - Dyers Eve
Slayer - Captor Of Sin
The Five Year Plan (remastered)
Well Give It To You
Bad Brains - Supertouch/shitfit
Exploited - Army Life

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