Mix de 25 músicas, Crust Punk

Crass - If There Was No Government - Berkertex Bribe
Dead To A Dying World - We Enter The Circle At Night... And Are..
Driller Killer - Fuck The World
Destroy - Burn This Racist System Down (whole Album)
Purgen - Transplantation Worldview 1993[full Album]
Void - Who Are You
Civil Disobedience - Manufactured Citizens
Lethe - Lethe (2013) {full Album}
Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Is Fear
Phobia Eu Sou Punk
Purgen - Русiя
Confuse - Nuclear Addicts Ep (tracks 1 - 5)
Beton - Ruiny
Purgen-amerikanski Globalizam
Days N Daze~ Little Blue Pills Pt. 2
Whipstriker - Midnight Crust - Full Ep (2010)
Oroku - The End Is Near
Wolfbrigade - In Darkness You Feel No Regret
Antimaster - Cuidad Cadaver
War Ripper - Violent Death
Subcaos - Metal Punk Death Squad
Disrupt - Religion Is A Fraud
Dahmer - Dahmerized Lp (side B)
Depressor - Symbols
Anti Product - Warfair?
Crass - If There Was No Government - Berkertex Bribe

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