Mix de 25 músicas, Crust Punk

Toxic Narcotic - 5 Billion People Must Die
Purgen - Old Punk
Torture Killer - Written In Blood
Пурген (purgen) - Moscow City. Official Video Purgen ©
Terror Nuclear Apátrida
Antisect - In Darkness, There Is No Choice Lp [1983] Full Album
Whipstriker - Midnight Crust - Full Ep (2010)
Disrupt - Religion Is A Fraud
Crass - If There Was No Government - Berkertex Bribe
Anti Product - Warfair?
Oroku - The End Is Near
Contravene - In The Name Of Convenience W/ Lyrics
Ολέθριο Ρήγμα - I Dont Want Your System
A//political - It´s Not About Politics , It´s About Life
The Mushitcians - Knife To Death
Purgen - Columbarium
Subcaos - Metal Punk Death Squad
Sin Dios - Huracan.
Discharge- Why
Wolfpack - A New Dawn Fades (full Album)
Pre - Stench Of Death.
Subhumans - Micky Mouse Is Dead
Hellbastard Ripper Crust Full Album
Purgen-полет в мусоропровод
Inepsy - Born For The Road
Toxic Narcotic - 5 Billion People Must Die

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