Mix de 25 músicas, Dark Black Metal

Sun Devoured Earth - Emptiness
Ellende - Wind
Fen - Death ( Winter V )
Falls Of Rauros - White Granite (official Single 2017)
Colaris - Guiding Lights
Dynfari - 3rd Door: Madness
Reinxeed - We Must Go Faster
Desolating Sacrilege - Rise Of The Black Covenant
Shroud Of Despondency - Parting Of The Way (dark Meditations..
Amesoeurs - Recueillement
Gale - Towards My Crystal Gravebed
Dream Of A Dead Sun
An Autumn For Crippled Children - I Beg Thee Not To Spare Me -
Mandragora Scream - Dark Lantern
Womb Of Emptiness
Wisdom - Heaven And Hell [official]
Black Goat - Fallen Angel Father Lucifer
Ellende - Weltennacht
Arch Enemy - No More Regrets (official Video)
Devil Sold His Soul - Dawn Of The First Day
Wicked Blight - Cross
Waldgeflüster - Der Traumschänder (2016)
Rothko Chapel - Organon
Netherbird - Windwards (official Video)
Alcest - Oiseaux De Proie [taken From Kodama]
Sun Devoured Earth - Emptiness

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