Mix de 25 músicas, Dark Black Metal

Wampyric Bloodlust - Last One
Czarnobog - Path Of The Red Knight
Imber Luminis - Silence
Sojourner - Empires Of Ash (full Album)
Coldworld - This Empty Life
Old Graves - Forget Me (2014)
Nocturnal Depression - Deathcade (full Album)
Volkrest Feat Infernus Presence - Млечный Путь
Fractal Universe - Sons Of Ignorance (official Music Video)
Wampyric Bloodlust - Enveloping Mist
Mist Of Misery - Mist Of Misery
Silence Of The Old Man - Espejos (mirrors)
Wampyric Bloodlust - Funeral Dawn
Loneliness - Mirages In The City
Nailed To Obscurity - Protean (official Video)
Wampyric Bloodlust - Evermore
Windbruch - День V (О Ней Не Вспомнят){remember..
The King Is Blind - ...for All The Daemons Are Here (official Video)
Solacide - The Maze (official Video)
Ancient - Svartalvheim [full Album]
Ectoplasma - Worthless Angelmeat (official Video)
Schattenvald - Der Winterkönig (full Ep)
Milo Thrashes Heckling Muslim Women At New Mexico
Sorrow Plagues - Relinquish | Official Music Video | Soapbox
Devil Sold His Soul - Dawn Of The First Day
Wampyric Bloodlust - Last One

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