Mix de 25 músicas, Death Core

Manhunt - S/t [2014]
Sordo - Tactical Precision Violence 7 [2012]
Ion Dissonance - Kneel (official Video)
Cries Of The Captive - The Muay Thai Obliterator ( Audio )
For Today - Saul Of Tarsus (the Messenger) Facedown Records
Catalepsy - Bleed Official Music Video
Father Figure - Beneath The Veil (official Video)
Wormrot - Voices (2016) Full Album (grindcore)
Thy Art Is Murder - Reign Of Darkness (official Video)
Emmure - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
Napoleon - Liars And Sellers
Landon Tewers - The Stretching Girl
Breakdown Of Sanity - Lights Out
Oceano - A Mandatory Sacrifice [official Video]
Before Today Collapses - The Ghost Inside (feat. Jason Wood) - Btc Music
Dead And Divine - Asphyxia Fiend Distort Entertainment
Aegaeon - Neural Union (official Music Video)
Attila - Soda In The Water Cup (new 2012)
Drown In Sulphur - An Epilogue To The Arrogant (official Music..
Suicide Silence - Fuck Everything (official Music Video)
Impurity Of Mriya - Paradigm Of Machine
Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning (official Video)
Blind Witness Baby One More Notch
Signal The Firing Squad - Abominator | Live @ Bastardfest
Oceano - Weaponized [official Video]
Manhunt - s/t [2014]

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