Mix de 25 músicas, Death Core

Suicide Silence - Disengage - Performance Cut (official Video)
All Disturb-whitechapel(official Lyric Video)
Attila - Bulletproof (official Music Video)
Collection Of Weaklings - Forever War (official Music Video)
Nexilva - Eschatologies (official Video)
Transient - The Cola Wars (official Music Video)
Abiotic Facades (official Video)
Lorelei - Masque (new Song) [hd] 2013
Carnifex - Drown Me In Blood (official Music Video)
Nasty - At War With Love (official Musicvideo)
Chelsea Grin - Dont Ask Dont Tell (official Music Video)
The Rabies - Good Citizen (official Music Video)
Devil You Know - Consume The Damned (official Live Video)
Adept - Carry The Weight (official Video) | Napalm Records
Ill Nino - This Is War [official Video]
Falsifier - I Am Death (audio)
Mirrors - Filled With Vanity (single 2015/hd)
The Dialectic - Dark Archon (official Lyric Video)
Humanitys Last Breath - Human Swarm Lyric Video
Lionheart - Love Dont Live Here (official Music Video)
Traitors - Nu Hate (official Music Video)
Ateranosis - Blinded Hope
Angelmaker - The Bridge Between
Enter Shikari - Anaesthetist (official Music Video)
Nocturnal Bloodlust - Dysmorphic Torment (2014)
SUICIDE SILENCE - Disengage - Performance Cut (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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