Mix de 25 músicas, Djent

The Voynich Code - Born To Suffer (official Video)
The Voynich Code - Antithesis (official Music Video)
Being - The Debut Preview - Cosmonaut - (with Vocals!) [produced..
Construct Paradise - Haunt Me
Vitalism | Causa | Official Album Stream
Circus Maximus - Isolate [2007] (full Album)
Thessa | The Other Side Mmxv | Full Album (hd)
Melodic Metalcore Mix | Instrumental, 1 Hour [vol.1]
Behold Oblivion - Ascendance [hd]
Akphaezya - Anthology Ii: Links From The Dead Trinity (2008)
Interiors - Constant Parallels (album Stream)
Adagio - Underworld (full Album)
Misha Mansoor | His Best Songs // Demos (juggernaut?) Hd
Bermuda Beggar, The Bitter Reign
Disco Metal!
Haken- Visions (full Album)
Ghost Iris - Euphoric State (some Kind Of Video)
Periphery - Heavy Heart [instrumental]
Bulb / Haunted Shores - Final Fantasy 7 Prelude + Bombfare + Victory Fanfare
Vitalism | Pagan | Guitar Playthrough [official]
Worst... Tab... Ever!
Andromida - First Contact - Progressive Metal / Djent
Shogun - Cold Case
Andromida - Discoveries // Progressive Metal/djent/hybrid Music
Reflections - Advance Upon Me Brethren (djentlemans Club)
The Voynich Code - Born To Suffer (Official Video)

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