Mix de 25 músicas, Dutch Rock

La Rosita
The Baroques - Mary Jane
Dragonfly - Desert Of Almond (superb Dutch Psychedelia 1968)
Coparck - A Good Year For The Robots
Finch - [3] Beyond The Bizarre (1/2)
Q65 - The Life I Live
Omnia - The Elven Lover
Rob Hoeke - Margio 7
Rapalje - Wat Zullen We Drinken Hd Lyrics On Screen
The Crazy Strangers - Learsi
Amsterdam - Indian Pipe (dutch Psychedelic Pop, 70s)
Linda Van Dyck /boo And The Boo Boos - Stengun (1966)
Boy And His Rollin Kids - Sunrise In Malaysia
Ralph De Jongh And Crazy Hearts - Everybody
Golden Earrings - Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong
The Javalins - Sweet Georgia Brown (1963)
Irolt -03- Klaes Kunst -lp Album- De Gudrun Sêge (1975).wmv
Les Baroques-love Is The Sun
Fungus - Kaapren Varen
Cruncher( Leo Bennink 1966 )
Alamo Race Track - Lee J Cobb
Irolt -02- Greate Rooger Fan It Reaklif -lp Album- De Gudrun Sêge (1975).wmv
The Shoes-na Na Na (1967)
3voor12radio: Bombay Show Pig - Making Friends / Wires
The Buffoons - Tomorrow Is Another Day
La Rosita

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