Mix de 25 músicas, Ebm

Kirlian Camera - Nightglory
Funker Vogt - Hard Way
Khadaver - New World Disorder [official Music Video]
Ayria - My Device
Icon Of Coil - Floorkiller
Hatemagick - God Ov Worms
Proyecto Alienoxir - Anikilation
Herzschlag - Dein Lied
Industrial Dance [[hellektro Industrial Gore Girl]] - Noisuf-x
Industrial Dance -active Paranoïd - Opium - Pitite Oudy Cyber Goth Dancer
Lexincrypt - Wastedead
Agonoize - I Am (remix) (dance Video By Eisschrei)
13th Angel Reflections
I.d.c - Industrial Dance - Solitary Experiments - The Dark Inside..
Schwarzer Engel - Königin Der Nacht (official Video)
Killing Fields - Fgfc820
Gogo Panda (electra-cute)
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat ( Amduscia Remix )
Out Of Control - Razed In Black
Miss Construction - Kunstprodukt
Mechanical Vampyre Horror-industrial-dance 3.
13th Angel Fallen Angel Touched By Stahlnebel And Black Selket
Seelennacht Fährmann
Society Industrial Dance 2 By Cyber Teddy :3
Diffuzion - Dbd (while You Can)
Kirlian Camera - Nightglory

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