Mix de 25 músicas, Ethereal Wave

Ethereal - Chillout Electronic
Dead Can Dance: Avatar
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd-sea Swallow Me
Heaven Or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins
Dead Can Dance - The Cardinal Sin
Severed Heads - All Day Sins (medusa Edit)
Clan Of Xymox - Louise
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Engineers - Fight Or Flight (from Always Returning)
Isis & Aereogramme - Low Tide.
Sebastien Schuller - Weeping Willow
Zanias - Follow The Body
Cocteau Twins, The Thinner The Air
This Mortal Coil - Another Day
This Mortal Coil - Velvet Belly
Lower Dens - Suckers Shangri-la (official Video)
Keluar - Panguna
Cocteau Twins - Blind Dumb Deaf ( Album Version)
Christoph De Babalon - I Own Death
Screens 4 Eyes - Channel To Id [official Video]
Minimal Compact - My Will (1985)
Airiel - In Yr Room
Dead Can Dance - Circumradiant Dawn
Skinny Puppy - Testure (12 Mix)
ETHEREAL - Chillout Electronic

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