Mix de 25 músicas, Folk Punk

Flogging Molly - Devils Dance Floor (c)
Between The Wars - The Tail Of The Rats
Flogging Molly -the Rare Old Times!!
Mr.irish Bastard - This World
Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - Put Arsenic In The Frosting Next Time
No Feelings - Never/mind The Bastards Mr. Irish Bollocks
Gimme Coffee Or Death
Erik Petersen / Robert Blake - Old Tyme Memry
Firkin - Whisky In The Jar
The Roughneck Riot - Waiting To Die (official Video)
Flatfoot 56 Son Of Shame (with Lyrics) - Music Devotion
Scrum - Whisky Lullaby
Rosa -- Starch + Carbohydrates
Wingnut Dishwashers Union - My Idea Of Fun
The Dreadnoughts - Knife To The Eye
Sir Reg - A Sign Of The Times
The Wild - Dear Noah
Mr. Irish Bastard - Forty Something Street
Scrum - In The Arms Of An Angel
Firkin-whup Saling Away
Felföldi Románc
The Pogues - South Australia
The Closest Hole In Space, By Chris Burrows
I Wanna Be An Alcoholic - Chris Burrows
Mr Irish Bastard - End Of The World
Flogging Molly - Devils Dance Floor (c)

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