Mix de 25 músicas, Funeral Doom

Deos - Embalmed In Tears Of Sorrow
Esoteric - Abandonment
Abyssmal Sorrow - In Misery There Can Be Comfort (full).wmv
Bastard Ov Bethlehem - The Funeral Kult
Loss - Open Veins To A Curtain Closed
Evoken Tending The Dire Hatred
Mournful Congregation - Fading Light Of A Dying Sun
Year Of The Cobra - Persephone
1000 Funerals - Final Wish
Evoken - Chime The Centuries End
Aamunkajo - Avaruuden Tyhjyydessä (2011)/haudat
Doom:vs - The Faded Earth
Usnea - Eidolons And The Increate (official Video)
Ea-untitled I
Seremonia: Pahuuden äänet (official Music Video)
Consummatum Est - Winter Sacrament
Kauan - Lumikuuro
Ea - Laeleia
Doom:vs - The Crawling Insects
Animus Accenditur - Sick Funeral
Kult Of The Wizard - Tusk Of Mammoth (official Video)
Consummatum Est- Consummatum Est
Aabsynthum - Ethica... Being And Time
Slumber - Rapture
Mournful Congregation - The Bitter Veils Of Solemnity
DEOS - Embalmed in Tears of Sorrow

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