Mix de 25 músicas, Goregrind

Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland - Sick Em My Dick Em.mpg
Rompeprop - Vaginal Luftwaffe (baardschurft Video)
Devourment - Conceived In Sewage [full Album]
Rottrevore - Intimidation
Fuck Your Depression - Total Conception Of Human Madness (official Music Video)
Combat Noise - Ak-47
Amputated - Slam Pig
Necroexophilia - Frantic Visions Of A Xenogod (2014) {full-album}
Cadaver - Hallucinating Anxiety (full Album)
Kraanium - Double Barrel Penetration
Bizarre Ejaculation
Vulvectomy - Gangrenous Testicular Deformity
Spermswamp - Youve Been A Bad Girl
Orgasmic Victim - Ищи анальные прыщи (official Music Video)
Exhumed - The Matter Of Splatter (official Music Video)
Jig-ai-kamikaze Suicide
Inhumano - Torturas De Almas Oscuras (2014) {full-album}
2 Ways To Choke A Whore- Bizarre Ejaculation / Cock Splatter Anal Split
Rectal Smegma - Im Loving It! (official Video)
Animosity - Tooth Grinder (official)
Combat Noise - Cuba Death Metal
Choked By Own Vomits - Fuck! Shit! Cunt! Bitch!
Cemetery Rapist Wake Up To Bake Up Official Video
Fecalized Rectal Sperm Spewage - This Will Be Uncomfortable
Ulthrash - Uncontrolled Mind (distorted Childhood) (1994)
Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland - Sick em My Dick em.mpg

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