Mix de 25 músicas, Gothic Metal

Sharon Osbourne - Charmed School Fight
Lacuna Coil - Trip The Darkness (official Video)
Elysion - Killing My Dreams
New Years Day - Disgust Me
Theatre Of Tragedy - Silence
Amaranthe - 365
Draconian- She Dies
Ravenscry - Nobody (official Video)
Lacuna Coil - Heavens A Lie (official Video)
After Life - Break The Silence [official Video]
My Dying Bride - I Cannot Be Loved
Xandria - Valentine | Napalm Records
Cadaveria - Prayer Of Sorrow
End My Sorrow - Wither Away (official Video) / Art Gates Records
The Dreamside - Open Your Eyes
Van Canto - Melody (official Video) | Napalm Records
Zakk Wylde - Sold My Soul
Blutengel-in My Dreams
Darkwell - Yoshiwara Videoclip
Amorphis - Amongst Stars (official Video)
Caelestia - Thanatopsis // Live Studio Session
Nachtblut - Lied Für Die Götter (official Video) | Napalm Records
Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline Bonus Dvd (chapter I-vi)
Senzafine - Lacuna Coil
Tristania - Angellore
Sharon Osbourne - Charmed School Fight

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