Mix de 25 músicas, Gothic Rock

Narrations From The Abyss
The Retarded Rats, Pony Girl
The Fuzztones - The Witch
The Hellfreaks - Horrorshow
All Gone Dead Lumous 2007
Seraphim Shock - After Dark
Switchblade Symphony- Clown
Alien Sex Fiend - Boneshaker Baby (live, 1987)
The Silver Shine - Angels To Some Music Video
Razed In Black (live) - Master
Black Tape For A Blue Girl- Sailor Boy
Cauda Povanis - Love Like Broken Glass
Man Or Astroman? - Defcon 5... 4... 3... 2... 1 (2013) Full
Lucas Lanthier - Dirty Weather 2// Florence, Italy 2011
The Hellfreaks - If I Die Today
Take It Out On Me - White Lies Live @ Hmv Liverpool 07/10/16
The Monsters ~ Burn In Flames
Diaframma Live Neogrigio
Pleasure Symbols - Control
The Monsters - Take A Trip To My Grave
Voltaire Live@nyaf07 - When Youre Evil
Zola Jesus - Avalanche (slow) Live Hd (2013) Masonic Lodge Hollywood
Kommunity Fk - Something Inside Me Has Died
The Misfits - Scream
The Nyte Of The Ghoul
Narrations From The Abyss

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