Mix de 25 músicas, Grindcore

Violent Headache - Veda De Muerte
Le Scrawl White Russian
Jig-ai-kamikaze Suicide
Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat (official Music Video)
Purtenance - Lacus Somniorum / The Lost Memories
Sanatorium - Fetus Rape
4 Extraños En D.c - Que Le Pasa A Jaimito - Video Cuentos De..
Crionics - Humanmeat Cargo
Inhume - Compulsory Infected
Misery Index Live At Oef 2010
Misery Index - The Carrion Call
Nerve Grind - Hate Fuck Kill
Skewered - Inside The Crematory
Vomitory - Hollow Retribution
Repulsion- Radiation Sickness
Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu [2012] Full
Cephalic Carnage - Endless Cycle Of Violence (official Music Video)
Deformity - My Creation
Cremation - Black Cloud Landscape Of Infernal Indulgence
Job For A Cowboy Nourishment Through Bloodshed (official)
Zombified - The Master Destroyer
Animosity - Tooth Grinder (official)
Maruta - Stand In Defeat (official Track)
Catheter - Dimension 303 (2005) Full Album Hq (grindcore)
Caninus - Various
Violent Headache - Veda de Muerte

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