Mix de 25 músicas, Groove Metal

Mastodon - Asleep In The Deep [official Music Video]
In Flames - Take This Life
Dagoba Black Smokers Video
Slipknot Sic Live In Disasterpieces Traducida Al Español
Soulfly - Downstroy
Borderline - Southern Flame
Threat Signal - Through My Eyes (official Music Video)
Pantera - Im Broken
Redneck Rampage - Gravity
Anthrax - Inside Out
Damageplan - Pride
Tombstone Highway Old Blood_0001.wmv
Grip Inc. - Ostracized
Bathory - Suffocate
Metallica - Sad But True Lyrics (hd)
Lamb Of God - Wrath Album - Grace
Remorse Is For The Dead - Lamb Of God
Pantera - Mouth For War
Soilwork - Rejection Role (official Music Video)
Breed To Breathe - Napalm Death
Xerath - Machine Insurgency - Official Video Hd (candlelight Records)
Judas Priest Jugulator
Sabaton - Carolus Rex (english Version)
Bruce Dickinson - Killing Floor [hq]
Sodom - Genocide
Mastodon - Asleep In The Deep [Official Music Video]

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