Mix de 25 músicas, Irish Folk

The Green Fields Of France
De Dannan - The Call And The Answer
Orthodox Celts - Rocky Road To Dublin
Irish Pub Songs - Finnegans Wake
The Dubliners - Fiddlers Green
Ailm - Siuil A Run
Dropkick Murphys - Barroom Hero
Christy Moore & Sinead Oconnor Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Annachie Gordon
The Auld Triangle - The Dubliners (ciaran Bourkes Final Appearance)
Flogging Molly - Salty Dog
The Mermaid - John Mccann - Traditional Irish Song
Dolores Keane - Nothing To Show
Irish Reels - Julia Delaney, Wise Maid, Dinkey Dorian
The Rumjacks - Green Ginger Wine
Fiddlers Green - Lanigans Ball
Luke Kelly Paddy On The Railway ( 1979/80 )
The Sally Gardens - Tommy Fleming
Flogging Molly - Tabacco Island
The Incredible String Band - Irish Jigs (live 1970)
Christy Moore-the Voyage
Mary Black - No Frontiers
The Drunk Scotsman (lyrics)
Irish Washerwoman - Newfoundland Accordion
Luke Kelly The Night Visiting Song
The Green Fields Of France

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