Mix de 25 músicas, Martial Industrial

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat - Feathers Of The Wings Of The Angel Gabriel
Argine - Novecento
Desiderii Marginis At The Villa Festival 2013
Armanenschaft - Armanenschaft
Neun Welten - Valg
Gontyna Kry - Nadchodzimy, Będziecie Rzygać Krwią Wy żydowskie..
Darkwood - Caucasian Tales
Trump - Emperor Of The United States
Café De Lenfer - La Forêt Obscure
Paul Roland - Wyndham Hill
Darkwood - Wintermaerchen
Stjarna - Evocation
Rome - Die Brandstifter
Ghosts Of Breslau - The Best Boys Are Buried In The Ground
Ghosts Of Breslau - The Girl Under The Lantern
Ruhr Hunter - Denned Earth
Ventose - Oil And Steam
The Elemental Chrysalis - Procession Of The Burning Flowers
Argine - In Silenzio
Across The Rubicon - State Of Fear
Ghosts Of Breslau - I Saw Him Drowning
Weihan - Europa
Tho-so-aa At The Villa Festival 2013
T.a.c. - The End Of Day
Ghosts Of Breslau - Xii
Kiss the anus of a black cat - Feathers of the wings of the angel gabriel

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