Mix de 25 músicas, Melodic Death Metal

Magenta Harvest - Spawn Of Neglect
Dimman - Shattered
Daylight Dies - A Life Less Lived
Recreated - As Vikings Shall We Go
Ritual Of Rebirth - Leeches
Countless Skies - Solace
Insomnium - One For Sorrow (official Video)
Fire Within - Artificial Perception
Equilibrium Falls - System Resistance [official Video | Melodic Death Metal]
Synasthasia - Falling - Sound Guerilla - 2012 - Official Music Video
Nightrage - Delirium Of The Fallen (official Video)
Nightfall Stellar Parallax (official Video)
Darkness By Oath - Eyes That See In The Dark (official Track)
Enimor - Left Behind
Darkest Hour - Love As A Weapon (official Video)
Animals As Leaders Cafo Official Music Video
Sunless Rise - Sunless Rise
Soul Decay - Graveyard Shovel (official Video)
Saturnus - Lost My Way
Suidakra - The Dark Mound
Awakening Sun - In The Clouds Of Dust Awakening Sun Music
Sunless Rise - Lost Path
Nonserviam - Exile
Decaying Days - Waves Of Neglect
October Tide - Custodian Of Science
Magenta Harvest - Spawn Of Neglect

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