Mix de 25 músicas, Melodic Hardcore

Moralist - Weatherman
Whisperer - Confide
Bullet Bane - Dance Of Electronic Images (official Video Clip)
Floccinaucinihilipilification Live At School Part.2
More Than Life - Do You Remember....
Half Sight - Held Back (official Video)
【mv】everything Is Evanescent - Last Alliance
Sick Shift - Not In Your Bed
H2o - One Life, One Chance Epitaph Records
Time To Break Up - 「feeling」10.05.09@池袋manhole
The Skippers - Hikari(official Video)
Home Ties - Subsist
Vera Grace - Griever (live)
Atomic Winter - Desert Of Our Dreams Cosmonauta
Castaway - Sink Or Swim (official Video)
Altars Lower Official Video
Brave Back「back To Again」ライブmv
Being As An Ocean - Lexquisite Douleur
Make Do And Mend - Oak Square Paper + Plastick/panic Records
Oceana - Reach For The Sky
Pennywise - We Have It All
Ambleside - Dear Mother (official Music Video)
Everlasting 【mahalo】 Pv
Hundredth - Weathered Town (official Music Video)
To Release - Relic
Moralist - Weatherman

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