Mix de 25 músicas, Melodic Metalcore

Megiddon - The Signal (christian Melodic Death/thrash Metal)
Anticops - This Is Hardcore - Hardcore Worldwide (official Version)
Sarea - Another Me (official Video)
Punishable Act - Live - FÊte De La Musique 2012 - Hardcore Worldwide..
Make It Count - One Step Ahead (official Hd Version)
Valor - Judgement Official Teaser Video
Carry The Dead - Rage - Hardcore Worldwide (official Hd Version Hcww)
Mergingmoon - Agonizing Choice [hd]
Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna - In The City Of Darkness [melodic Metal] 218 [x]
Pantokrator - The Madness Of Nebuchadnezzar (christian Melodic Death Metal)
Crematory - Revolution
Of Burning Empires - Leviathan (official Lyric Video)
Vanishing-wild Horse
Morganostic - To Conceive [hd] 2013
Renascent - In Hell (christian Melodic Death Metal)
Oh, Infamous City - Scarred (ft. Garret Rapp)
GjÖll -dog Tag
My Dear Addiction - Alive
【c88新譜】eternal Excaliver 「宿命 〜eternal Battleship〜」trailer..
Lost Eden - Forsaken Last
Pantokrator - Divine Light
Born To Suffer - Waking The Oceans
Scuffproof - This Time - Hardcore Worldwide (official Hd Version Hcww)
C85【pv】 Twilight Symphony / Thousand Leaves
Smd - Wake Up Call - Hardcore Worldwide (official Hd Version Hcww)
Megiddon - The Signal (Christian Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)

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