Mix de 25 músicas, Neo Industrial Rock

Mob Research - Sky God Worshippers
卐 Religion Of Blood 卐 Arditi
Wormparade - Broken Dolls Wont Smile On Scene
The Dirty Saints - I Was A Boy
Tad-gods Balls-nipple Belt
Valley Of Rain - Giant Sand
Forseti - Wind
The Great Purge
The Big F - Kill The Cowboy
Vein Cage - Feral Din
Razorblade Dolls - The Wrist
Promonium Jesters - Reflektive Creation
Adolf Hitler Will Rise Again!
Xternals - Pacific Stone
Darkhour - A Time To Die
Noisuf-x - Hit Me Hard
Killus - Feel The Monster (official Video)
Boyd Rice & Death In June - Black Sun Rising
Blood Axis - The Vortex
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - In High Heels Through Night Of Broken
Human Factors Lab - The Art Of Suicide
Death In June - The Torture Garden
Death In June - Holy Water (h1n1 = 666)
Thee Fourgiven - Sorry For You
Blue Stahli - Ultranumb
Mob Research - Sky God Worshippers

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