Mix de 25 músicas, Neoclassical

Ardwin Winter - Youre A Legend [beautiful Inspirational Vocal]
X-ray Dog: Canis Rex Ii - Revolutionary Special Remix Obm World
The Cinematic Orchestra Arrival Of The Birds & Transformation
Touhou Remix P.158 (orchestral) Voyage 1969 & Voyage 1970
Spyro Darklarus Catharsis Gothic Neoclassical Darkwave Music
Norðurljós Eivør Pálsdóttir [northern Lights]
Celtic Ballad - Riversong
James Spiteri - Hope
Above & Beyond - Small Moments Like These [hd]
Vegso - Years
Music Of Cataclysm - Night Elves
Justin Jet Zorbas - Kimi No Na Wa: Date 2 (remake) | Emotional Piano
Soundmotion Studios - The Funeral [emotional Orchestral]
Dark Music - Dark Ritual
Anthony Greninger - Fruit Of The Spirit [inspirational Piano]
Gravity Falls Extended Theme
Jan Harris - Sonnet [beautiful Symphonic Music]
Philip Glass - Morning Passages (the Hours Soundtrack)
Faun - Unicorne
Greg Haines - The Spin
Two Steps From Hell - Little Ben
Sonic Librarian - Firefly Mist
Philip G. Anderson - Winter [beautiful Contemporary Classical]
Anthony Greninger - My Serenity [beautiful Emotional Piano]
Neal Acree - Nightsong (feat. Laurie Ann Haus) (epic Vocal - Lyrics)
Ardwin Winter - Youre a Legend [Beautiful Inspirational Vocal]

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