Mix de 25 músicas, No Wave

The Presets - A.o.
Mechthild Von Leusch - Rungholter Tanz 13
Maria Teriaeva/ Vadik Korolev - Меринос (official Video)
FrÍo Y VacÍo — Fue Difícil ☦ ((official Video))
A La Limite - Point De Fuite
Suicide - Wild In Blue
Mars - 12 - Puerto Rican Ghost - No New York
Vasilisk - Fangs And Claws
Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos
Bestial Mouths - Ceased
Tearful Moon — Anxiety (official Video) ☾
Mars - 3e / Scorn
Gang Of Four - I Love A Man In Uniform
The Del-byzanteens Welcome Machines 1982
Mars - Helen Forsdale (no Wave! 1978)
Muziekkamer - Being Home Tonight
Rema Rema - Instrumental
Matteo Vallicelli // Giungla Elettrica (official Video)
Public Image Ltd-death Disco #219.*t*o*t*ps*70s*
Void Vision - The Source
The Del-byzanteens Welcome Machines 1982
Qual - Cupio Dissolvi
N U I T - Hold Your Horses
The Dancing Cigarettes - Puppies In A Sack
The Presets - A.O.

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