Mix de 25 músicas, Nwobhm

Witch Cross - Nightflight To Tokyo
Nwobhm Vol.3
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Love Dont Stay
Warlord - Best Of Warlord (1989) Full Album
Metal For Muthas Vol. 1 (full Album)
Cauldron - Burning Fortune (full Album)
Pain - Its Raining Blood -1986 Germany
Savage Grace(us)-too Young To Die(1983).wmv
G.i.s.m. - Nih Nightmare
Bad Heaven - Crystal Dagger
Violator - Chemical Assault (full Album)
Bad Lizard - Optical Illusion - 1985
Metal For Muthas Vol. 2 (full Album)
Mendes Prey - Running For You (1982)
Victim - The Bridge
Westfalen - Devils Race (1985)
Stormwitch - Excalibur (1984)
Nwobhm Vol.2
Wolf - Roll Over - The Shadow Of A Shade - Japanese Metal
Cloven Hoof - Reach For The Sky
Paragon - Across The Wastelands
Iron Hawk - More Of The Same (1983)
Venom - Witching Hour
Riot - Flight Of The Warrior
Lucifers Heritage By Lucifers Heritage
Witch Cross - Nightflight To Tokyo

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