Mix de 25 músicas, Oi

Ultima Frontiera - Sei Un Patetico (subtítulos En Castellano)
Stormwatch - Till Were Dead
The Magnificent - Feeling Of Eternity.wmv
Oi! Se Arma - Ratas Rurales
Rival - Border Patrol
True Grit Scum On The Run
Bad Manners - Skinhead Love Affair
The Oppressed! - Joe Hawkins
Tattooed Mother Fuckers - Loud, Proud And Drunk
Evil Conduct - Bent Coppers
Blind Justice - Civiltà - Official Video
4 Skins-bread Or Blood
Infa-riot - In For A Riot
Sham 69 - If The Kids Are United - Subtitulada (hd)
Booze & Glory - Cyber Warrior (subtítulos Español)
Arresting Officers - Disorderly Conduct
Perkele - A Song For You
Blind Justice - Indipendenza (zetazeroalfa)
The 4 Skins - Chaos ( Lyrics)
Iron Cross - Crucified For Your Sins
The Class Assassins-no Justice No Peace
Red Alert - In Britain
The Crack - My World
Booze & Glory - London Skinhead Crew - Official Video (hd)
Bull Brigade - Sulla Collina
Ultima Frontiera - Sei un patetico (Subtítulos en Castellano)

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