Mix de 25 músicas, Oi

Mercancias - Rateros
Skinkorps Vive La Bière
Hors Controle - Rien A Prouver
Venom - Guns Of Glory
Hawkins Thugs - Never Forget
Discipline - The Last Of The Hippies
The Oppressed - Thats Life (sham 69)
Agent Bulldogg - Stockholm Skins
Barricades - Forever 21
The Crack - My World
Cock Sparrer - Think Again
Nabat - Laida Bologna
Perkele - Heart Full Of Pride
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Blown Out Again
Produzenten Der Froide Rock N Roll Schwindel
Legitime Violence- Quebec
Bull Brigade - A Way Of Life
Azione Diretta - Non Ne Vogliamo
Sham 69 - Hey Little Rich Boy
4 Skins - Merry Christmas
Redweiler - Hippie
Major Accident- Crazy
Vicious Rumours-never Been In Love
The Terraces - Britannia [2013]
7er Jungs - Nie Zurück
Mercancias - Rateros

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