Mix de 25 músicas, Orchestral

1-hour Epic Music Mix | Best Of Anime Soundtracks - Battle Mix Vol. 1
The Big Country Theme
Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik I. Allegro
John Williams Conducts Jurassic Park
Goran Dragas - Visions [hybrid Orchestral]
Justice League: The Shattered Paragon (full Soundtrack Score / Ashton Gleckman)
Malcolm Arnold - Overture From Inn Of The Sixth Happiness
Audiomachine - Voyage Of Dreams [epic Uplifting Motivational Music]
James Paget - We Ride As One [heroic, Orchestral Music]
Worlds Most Emotional Music | 2-hours Epic Music Mix - Vol.1
Position Music - Mythical Hero [veigar Margeirsson - Beautiful..
Enemy At The Gates-a Snipers War
James Paget - Pluto Reborn [hybrid Orchestral, Uplifting, Heroic Music]
Worlds Most Powerful & Emotional Vocal Music | 2-hours Epic Music Mix - Vol.3
Relaxing Emotional Ambient & Fantasy Music Mix - Blue Skies (danny Rayel)
Dustin Krizan - Natures Waking [uplifting, Motivational Music]
Proms 2011 - Star Wars, Main Theme
Grieg: Peer Gynt / Järvi · Berliner Philharmoniker
David Butterfield - Scythe [orchestral, Drama]
Alex Doan - The Edge Of The Universe | Atmospheric Sci-fi Inspirational
Tom Player - Gravity (position Music ~ Epic Uplifting Bold Powerful)
Manfightermusic - Hanami 花見 (emotive Soundtrack)
Factor Eight - Anemoi [uplifting Emotional Music]
Stormsound - A Warriors Quest ( Epic Uplifting Orchestral Heroic Choral )
Worlds Most Beautiful Fantasy Adventure Music Mix Ever Feat...
1-Hour Epic Music Mix | Best of Anime Soundtracks - Battle Mix Vol. 1

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