Mix de 25 músicas, Poetry

Poetry By Carl Sandburg - Good Morning America
As I Walked Out One Evening By W. H. Auden (read By Tom Obedlam)
Poetry By Rumi -- Who Says Words With My Mouth
Lkj 1978 Dread Beat An Blood Full Album
Moving Poetry Highlights - Rant/rave/riff
Drake Stealing Music Again?!
Sabrina Benaim - Congratulations! Its A Girl!
Poetry By Rumi -- Only Breath
Dan Roman - Living With Depression (cupsi 2015)
Hannah Dains - Dont Kill Yourself Today | All Def Poetry X Da Poetry Lounge
Trust || Deebo Dioso
Poetry By Langston Hughes - The Weary Blues
Poetry By Pablo Neruda 100 Love Sonnets Ix
Khalil Gibran On Love (the Prophet)
My Favorite Things Improv (tuhs Jazz)
A Mild Case Of Bibliomania
I Have Lived And I Have Loved By Charles Mackay (read By Tom Obedlam)
Wack Nikkkas || Official Music Video
Ghetto Jeffro Plays Sax?!
Aaron Burstein - Social Anxiety At 130 Bpm (cupsi 2013)
Poetry By Rumi - These Spiritual Window Shoppers
Poetry By Carl Sandburg Skyscrapers
Harlem At Sunset
Long Distance Love || Poetry || Jeffrey Almonte
Justin Lamb - For The People Who Ask Me If Im Tired
Poetry by Carl Sandburg - Good Morning America

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