Mix de 25 músicas, Post Metal

The Circle Ends Here - Trace The Line
Gray Souvenirs - Sun Dust
Mogwai - Im Jim Morrison, Im Dead
Mogwai - Death Rays
If These Trees Could Talk - Left To Rust And Rot
Burzum - Rundtgåing Av Den Transcendentale Egenhetens Støtte [filosofem]
Loose Lips Sink Ships - The Wisdom Of Karl Malones Sternum Fin
Callisto - Cold Stare
Tartavara - Flavor Of The Latest Winter
Mogwai - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
Gray Souvenirs - I Barely See The Earth
Aurora Borealis - Goodbye
Mogwai - Death Rays (music Video)
One Hour Before The Trip - Izmir
Pelican - Final Breath Video Clip
Christian Fiesel - Sonnensystem Iii
The Circle Ends Here-annihilation Of Entire Cities
Mogwai - Eagle Tax
Russian Circles - Carpe
Failure - Zoe
Gray Souvenirs - Tears Of Joy
Russian Circles - Enter
God Is An Astronaut - Coda
Alcest - Beings Of Light
Nymphe - Long Ago We Died
The Circle Ends Here - Trace The Line

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