Mix de 25 músicas, Power Electronics

Kontinent - Angry Fix
Genocide Organ - The Tears Of My Soul
Aprende InglÉs Cantando (celine Dion - Titanic)
Consumer Electronics - Grubbing
The Velvet Underground - Chelsea Girls
Fundamentals Of Power Electronics - Course Introduction
Consumer Electronics - Alien Existence
Genocide Organ - God Sent Us I
Irm - Aktion Anathem
Brighter Death Now - Oh What A Night
Ramleh - Product Of Fear
Anenzephalia --transcendental Suffering
Croatian Amor - January Is August
Taint - Sexual & Eliminative
Irm - The Disease
Sleazy Meanz - Carmenibal
Maurizio Bianchi /m.b. -t.s.a. (leibstandarte Ss Mb) - (excerpt)
Techno Animal - God Vs. Flesh
Trepaneringsritualen - Sacrament & Crucifixion
C.b.-first Xxx Ii (early 80s Power Electronics-industrial Noise-experimental)
Monoton | Wirklichkeit | 1980
Kontinent - Inner War (stasis)
Con-dom - All In Good Faith 1
T.a.g.c. - Blood Burns Into Water
Church Of Hate: Hammer & Sickle--hells Kitchen Final Show

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