Mix de 25 músicas, Power Electronics

Navicon Torture Technologies - Mind Is A Prison
Mz.412: Overthrowing European Christianity
Goth Chix - Diptych [full Cs]
M .b. - Untitled 1983 (early Italy Industrial Noise Music)
Proiekt Hat - Rated
Order Of Nine Angels - Grand High Climax [full Cs]
Whitehouse - Philosophy
Ogham - I [full Cs]
Hanatarash + Kyōakukyōjindan - Jigoku No Komoriuta (an Infernal..
Roman Torment - Tear Vase
Spine Scavenger - S/t [full Cs]
Ramleh - Power Electronics And Noise Rock Band #02
Prurient - The Other World
Currents Of Death - Fucking Electricity
Content Nullity - Of Skin And Bone
Deterge - Truth Of Attraction [full Cs]
Lille Roger - Sometimes Im Happy (1985)
Swastika Crucifix - S/t [full Cs]
Subklinik Cremator
Venus Receiver - Destiny Fulfilled With Urine [full Cs]
C.b.-first Xxx Ii (early 80s Power Electronics-industrial Noise-experimental)
Proiekt Hat - Shallow Water Blackout
Whitehouse - Dans
Blodvite - Renad I Eld
Disturnoilt - Defunct Science
Navicon Torture Technologies - Mind is a Prison

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