Mix de 25 músicas, Power Noise

Best Die! - Best Die! I
The Magus - Dalton (technoid/power Noise)
Pure - Nos Knife
Gl[di] - Trash It (podcast Industrial / Rhythmic Noise)
Hanatarash - Worst Selektion [full Cs]
Powernoise And The Otitis Band - Que!.mpg
Alfarmania - At Ulleråker
Noise/industrial/rhythmic Noise
Hezzel 04 Id20 Industrial Techno Electronic Music
Swastika Crucifix - S/t [full Cs]
Genocide Organ - John Birch Societies
Dissecting Table - Illusion (live 1986 Death Industrial)
Whitehouse At De Hondenkoekjesfabriek 2006
Industrielärm Strom Erste Sitzung / Industrial Power Noise First Session
Focal K2 Elite Power - Noise - Ruido.
Magnitudo 8 Scatter -electro Industrial Power Noise-
Techno Industrial Exitos 90s - The End Of Techno
Device Noize [mex] [aggrotech Power Noise] 2014 - Sexaddiction [full Album]
Rxaxpxe - Sweet Little Bodies
Sewer Election - Lamslagen
Powernoise - Powernoise And The Otitis Band 03
Doing Things We Cant: Power Noise Like A Sir 2
Ramleh: Throatsuck / Deathtoll / Ramleh
Jeep и Power Noise
Obscure - Hellbent Haley
Best Die! - Best Die! I

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