Mix de 25 músicas, Progressive Metal

Bulb - Mental Universe
Animals As Leaders - Another Year
Trust - Brad Doné (djent/groove Metal)
Trust - Brad Doné (djent/groove Metal)
Four Seconds Ago - Absent
Evergrey-a Touch Of Blessing
Queensryche - Queen Of The Reich
Cloudkicker - Dysphoria
Intervals // Momento
Backward Progression - False Theory
Aephanemer - Resilience [melodic Death Metal]
Seventh Wonder - Alley Cat
John Browne Of Monuments Performs I, The Creator On Emgtv
Keldian - Sundancer
Cloudkicker - Viceroy
Periphery - Imaginary
Pain Of Salvation - Undertow (official Video)
Watchtower The Eldritch
Heed - Nothing
Demians - Temple (official Video)
Bulb - Aural Pleasure.wmv
Periphery / Bulb - Godma
Anup Sastry - Ghost
Bulb - Mental Universe

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