Mix de 25 músicas, Progressive Metal

Manhattans Burning
Intervals // Momento
東方 Touhou Metal/rock 47
Anup Sastry - Dreamer
Stratovarius Dreamweaver
Infinity Overture. Wonderland
An End So Cold - Dark Moor
Kamelot- Moonlight {lyrics}
東方 Touhou Metal/rock 28
Forever Orion - Buddhas Belly 2.0 (preproduction)
Bulb Press Enter
Genesis - Firth Of Fifth
Plini - Heart
Bulb - Not Enough Mana
Bulb - Legatta.wmv
Anup Sastry - Discovery
The Nice - America
Periphery - Absolomb
Melodic Instrumental Rock / Metal Arrangements #2
The Only Thing She Needs - Uk
東方 Touhou Metal/rock 37
東方 Touhou Metal/rock 30
Periphery - Imaginary
Aristeia- Green Dream
Manhattans Burning

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