Mix de 25 músicas, Shoegaze

My Bloody Valentine - Soon
Bizarre - Any Day (any Day, 1997)
This Will Destroy You - Threads
State Of Grace // P.s. High
Plastica // Silence Since
Isabels Dream // Stars End
Alisons Halo Wishes
Lush: Thoughtforms
Nevermind The Name - On Horus Wings
God Is An Astronaut - Remembrance Day
The Field Mice - Anoint (peel Session Audio)
Alisons Halo - Dozen (official)
Spoiwo - Disembrace ~ Ambient - Cinematic - Post-rock
Shoegaze Hidden Gems | Moving Holiday
Shoegaze Hidden Gems | The Voices
The Telescopes - Flying
Alisons Halo Leech
Cranes - Shining Road
Ride Leave Them All Behind
Lyca Sleep // Closer In
Lost In Kiev - Hope, Fights & Disillusions
Röövel Ööbik // Whatever Makes Me Happy
Man Zero - Before Gods Grace (2012)
Spurv - Mellom Broen Og Elven
Airiel - This Is Permanent (official Music Video)
My Bloody Valentine - Soon

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