Mix de 25 músicas, Sludge Metal

Cosmic Vishnu - Iron Ships On The Silver Sea
Children Of Doom - Reverend Bizarre
Shotgun Sludge - Beyond The Past
Melvins - Honey Bucket (music Video)
Witchfinder General - Burning A Sinner
Crowbar - Fall Back To Zero
Ufomammut - Iv
Blood Farmers - The Holy Chalice
Weed Priest Graveyard Planet
Cirith Ungol - Finger Of Scorn
Pilgrim Astaroth (official)
Horn Of The Rhino - Speaking In Tongues
Jex Thoth - The Banishment
The Bad Light - Hypathia
Black Pyramid - Stormbringer
Iron Man Hail To The Haze (official Video)
Lord 13 - Badwater Booze
Burn The Sun - Desert Flowers
Clutch - Gone Cold
Bong Breaker - Sins
Spirit Caravan - Lost Sun Dance
Mournful Congregation - Remembrance Of The Transcending Moon
Black Pyramid - No Life King (2009)
Flat Earth - Lowrider
Spiritual Beggars Killing Time
Cosmic Vishnu - Iron Ships On The Silver Sea

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