Mix de 25 músicas, Sludge Metal

Extravaganth Snuff (new Full Album) 2017
Wounded Giant Vae Victis (new Full Album) 2017
Weird Owl - White Hidden Fire
Black Acid Devil - Death By Cop
Cough - A Year In Suffering
Irreversible - Tambora
The Great Khan - Papa Was An Alligator
Jurassic Leaf Groovosaur (new Full Album) 2016 Instrumental Stoner Doom Metal
Crowbar - To Build A Mountain
Goat Explosion Vulgar Saints
Ufomammut - Iv
Yob - Adrift In The Ocean
Isole - Hollow Shrine
Burning Saviours-dark Lady
Lizzard Wizzard Total War Power Bastard (new Full Album) 2017
Black Land - Life And Death
Buzzov*en - Fade On Your Knees
Crowbar- (cant) Turn Away From Dying
Unida - If Only Two
Automaton Going Down (dr. Space Sessions)
Obelyskkh Hymn To Pan (full Album)
High Inquisitor Woe Drink Her Blood, Black Serpent
Elephant Tree Theia (full Album)
Rainbows Are Free - Come
Bong Of Cthulhu Jam/reef(er)
Extravaganth Snuff (New Full Album) 2017

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