Mix de 25 músicas, Southern Soul

Tk Soul - She Told On Herself Www.getbluesinfo.com
Delegation - Oh Honey
Billy Soul Bonds-here Kitty Kitty Www.getbluesinfo.com
Sir Charles Jones Somebody Lied On Me
Kiss It
Theodis Ealey - Stand Up In It
Kenne Wayne-ride It Like A Cowboy
Walk Away With Me...johnnie Taylor
Willie Clayton - Love Mechanic Www.getbluesinfo.com
Mz. Pat Super Duper
O.b. Buchana-im Goin Back Home Www.getbluesinfo.com
Quinn Golden - Bottoms Up Www.getbluesinfo.com
Roy C- Slow Roll It
Willie Clayton - Three People Www.getbluesinfo.com
Lebrado - Fire
What A Girl Needs (feat. Katernia Jefferson)
Muddy Waters Plays Manish Boy
Falisa Janaye - Party For Southern Soul
Johnnie Taylor ~ Last Two Dollars
Stan Mosley-your Wife Is My Woman Www.getbluesinfo.com
Ms. Jody-your Dogs About To Kill My Cat Www.getbluesinfo.com
Stephanie Pickett Performing Her New Single The Only Time I Get Lonely
Stan Mosley~ Rock Me
Floyd Taylor - You Still Got It
TK Soul - She Told On Herself www.getbluesinfo.com

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