Mix de 25 músicas, Stoner Metal

Horisont - Electrical (official Video)
Grand Magus - Black Hound Of Vengeance
Electric Wizard - Solarian 13 (instrumental Audio Track)
GrÜzer - Dakhma (instrumental Audio Track)
Troubled Horse - Hurricane (official)
Samsara Blues Experiment - Army Of Ignorance
Ghastly Sound Cuttlefish (official Music Video)
Head Machine - Orgasm
Corrosion Of Conformity Redemption City
Weedeater - Long Gone
Da Captain Trips - Leaving The Mainland
Smoke - Hallucination
Green Cashalot - Hemi Cuda (instrumental Audio Track)
Asteroid - Time
Brotherhood Of Sleep - ... Of Fear Unspoken
Orchid - Cosmonaut Of Three Official Video
Komatsu - Surfing On A Landslide (official Music Video)
Mantra Machine - Andromeda (instrumental Audio Track)
Dead Horse - Murder Song
Jungle City - Commander Keenbean (instrumental Audio Track)
Space Guerrilla - Lift Off (instrumental Audio Track)
Dixie Witch - 04 - The Wheel
Astral Sea - Rocket Men (instrumental Audio Track)
High On Fire - Dii - (instrumental Audio Track)
Bongzilla - Smoke Like The Wind

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