Mix de 25 músicas, Stoner Rock

Clutch - The Soapmakers
Fuzzy Duck - Time Will Be Your Doctor
Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser
Cactus Jumper - Right Way
Colour Haze - House Of Rushammon
May Blitz - Smoking The Day Away (1970)
Alice Cooper - Poison
Red Fang - Wires
Rainbows Are Free - Last Supper
Fu Manchu - King Of The Road
Clutch 10001110101
Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising - Official Video | Metal Hammer
Bullet [uk, Hard Rock 1970] Time Gambler
Stoned Jesus - Electric Mistress (2012)
Road - Im Trying (1972)
Asg - Win Us Over
Cactus- Parchman Farm 1970
Unida - Puppet Man
Colour Haze - Flowers
Dozer - Drawing Dead
Black Mountain - Old Fangs (official Video)
Colour Haze - Fire
Jack Daniels Overdrive - Come Full Circle
Asg Act Like You Know
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside [official Music Video]
Clutch - The Soapmakers

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