Mix de 25 músicas, Stride

Willie The Lion Smith - Dardanella
Fats Waller And His Rhythm 1942 Honeysucle Rose
Latin Stride & Flamenco Junto A La Banda Sinfónica De La Provincia De Cordoba
Fats Waller !!!!
Johnny Guarnieri - Exactly Like You
Willie The Lion Smith - Carolina Shout
Latin Stride Flamenco Eurojazz México 2016
Don Ewell - Lulus Back In Town
Dick Hyman, A Great Pianist, Plays Fingerbuster.
James P. Johnson - Keep Off The Grass
Luckey Roberts - Spanish Fandango
Willie The Lion Smith - Passionette
Fats Waller - Vipers Drag
Fats Waller - Handful Of Keys
Willie The Lion Smith - Finger Buster
Fats Waller - Your Feets Too Big
Earl Fatha Hines - A Monday Date
Fats Waller - Numb Fumblin’
Fats Waller - Taint Nobodys Biz-ness If I Do
Joe Sullivan - Gin Mill Blues
Fats Waller - My Fate Is In Your Hands
Fats Waller - Keepin Out Of Mischief Now
Johnny Guarnieri - With Plenty Of Money And You
Donald Lambert - Harlem Strut
Lee Sims - Blues In My Heart
Willie The Lion Smith - Dardanella

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