Mix de 25 músicas, Symphonic Black Metal

Azathoth - The Lament Configuration
Desire For Sorrow - Resentful Sun (official Music Video)
Obscura Amentia - The Citadel Of Beleth
Mortalration - Buried But Not The Dead (official Video)
Deathcode Society - Symphonic Black Metal - The Inner Vortex..
Ceremonial Castings The Great Old Ones
Abused Majesty - Gods Are With Us
Vesania - Rage Of Reason
Eisregen - Satan Liebt Dich (official Video)
Dark Fortress - Ylem (official Video)
Cryptic Wintermoon - Grave Without A Name
Qharinth - Grieves To The Grave
Saille - Subcutaneous Terror
Abominator Cascading Carnage
Dark Faces - Shrouded In Mystery
Varathron - Tleilaxu (the Unborn Child)
The Monolith Deathcult - Gods Amongst Insects (lyric Video)
Svartalvheim - If The Gods Cannot Stop Me
Immanifest - Thaumiel (symphonic Black Metal)
Anima Sementis - Interitum (full Ep)
Ater Affectum - Persephone (lyric Video)
Aurora Borealis - Sarkikos From The Album Apokalupsis Official Video
Symphonic Black Metal Bands
Mora Prokaza - ЧЕРНЕЕ ВСЕХ ЧЁРНЫХ (official Video)..
Anwar - Ehrfurcht [hd]
Azathoth - The Lament Configuration

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