Mix de 25 músicas, Technical Death Metal

Necrotorture - Chiavica
Aphotic - Eternal Lucid Nightmare [debut Single] (2017) Sw Exclusive
Hanni Kohl - Ex
Ineffable Demise - Conflagration [single] (2018) Sw Exclusive
Once Human Dark Matter Official Music Video
From The Shallows - Under A Killing Moonlight
Coercion - Coughing Blood
Darkest Hour - Live At Wacken Open Air 2012
Skinless - Tampon Lollipops
Tides Of Macrocosm | New Death Metal 2017 | Technical Death Metal..
Devilyn- Reborn In Pain
Bloodspot - Volcanos [brutal Death Metal | Thrash Metal]
Sarcolytic - Wine Like Clotted Blood [mcd 2005 - Txdm]
Rotkin [official Promo Stream] (2017) Sw Exclusive
Goodmorning, Gorgeous - Echoed Months (official Video)
Fallujah - Carved From Stone (new Song)
Beneath The Massacre - Comforting Prejudice
Brain Drill - Revelation
Desecrate The Faith - Sacrilege Reborn [single] (2017) Sw Exclusive
Metallica: Sad But True (360° Video) (stockholm, Sweden - May 7, 2018)
Cannibal Corpse Sadistic Embodiment (official)
Killswitch Engage Au Hellfest 2018
Apoptosis Gutrectomy - Putrefaction (ft. Duncan Bentley Of Vulvodynia)..
Spastic Ink - A Quick Affix
Stories - Masks
Necrotorture - Chiavica

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