Mix de 25 músicas, Technical Death Metal

Cinder - Soul Creation
Cryptopsy - Worship Your Demons (official Video)
Eximperitus - Projecting The Singular Emission… [full Album]
Amass The Grave - Built To Die
The Vile Impurity - Anathema (2012) [full Ep]
Akakor.- Psychotropic.
Suffocation - Surgery Of Impalement (official Music Video)
Brain Drill - Monumental Failure
Nile - Sacrifice
Visceral Bleeding - Disgust The Vile [2006]
Haken - Blind
Pronostic - Passing Towards The Afterlife ( Guitar Play Through )
Ec{c}entric Pendulum-mathematicians Of Ambient Waters
Gaped - Skin Suit Playthrough
Beneath The Massacre - Societys Disposable Son
Hatebreed - Destroy Everything - Official Music Video
Visceral Bleeding - Fury Unleashed [2004]
Aeon Of Horus - Symbiosis (new Song 2011)
Alienation Mental - The Scatching Feeling Inside Of Me
Architects - Buried At Sea
Blade Of Horus - Slain By The Blade Of Horus Lyric Video
Myra - Said And Done (hd)
Between The Buried And Me - Obfuscation
Cerebric Turmoil - Metaphysics (skit) & Discordian Equilibrium
Misha Mansoor | His Best Songs // Demos (juggernaut?) Hd
Cinder - Soul Creation

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