Mix de 25 músicas, Thrash Core

D.r.i. (the Ritz 1987) [02]. The Five Year Plan
Charles Bronson Youth Attack! Lp
Adrenilin O.d. - Pope On A Rope - Humungusfungusamongus
Haymaker - It Only Gets Worse [lyric Video]
D.r.i. (the Ritz 1987) [05]. Karma
Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed Off And Mad About It
Necrophagia - Unearthed
Gxhx ( George Harrison ) - Bandana United Us!
D.r.i. (the Ritz 1987) [01]. Intro
Sylvester Staline - Through The Eyes Of Weed
Set To Destroy - The Day That Straight Edge Died
Extreme Noise Terror - Murder
Axewield - Ominous Dream
Depraved - Thrashard (live Metal Factory Metal Show)
Negative Approach - Negative Approach 7
D.r.i. - I Dont Need Society
Meshuggah - Bleed (official Music Video)
Capitalist Casualties - Disassembly Line Full Lp
D.r.i. - Marriage (with Lyrics) [hq]
Tungsteno - Vino Y Velocidad
D.r.i. (promo Clips D.r.i. Live) [28]. The Five Year Plan
Electro Hippies - Play Fast Or Die Ep1986
Los Crudos - Were That Spic Band
Vitamin X - Secret Police
Suicide File - Some Mistakes You Never Stop Paying For
D.R.I. (The Ritz 1987) [02]. The Five Year Plan

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