Mix de 25 músicas, Thrash Core

Slayer - War At The Warfield -dvd- Full
Fosa Común - Cerebro Enfermo
Cliteater Slimming Party At Kellys
Close Your Eyes Digging Graves Music Video
Vader - Blood Of Kingu (1998)
Strife Force Of Change
Tungsteno - Vino Y Velocidad
Res Gestae - Expropia
Milking The Goatmachine - Only Goat Can Judge Me (official Video)
Nerds Attack! / Nossa Vingança - [full Split]
Birds Of A Feather - Our Aim
Set To Destroy/set To Destroy-toke,thrash,beer
Uxfxd - No Hay Cerveza
Still Straight- Manliftingbanner
Mind Of Asian - 青い島 (blue Island)
Straight Edge Kegger - Our Lives = Shit
Acheron - I Am Heathen (official Video)
Siege- Drop Dead.wmv
Look Back And Laugh - Case System
Suicide Silence - You Only Live Once (official Video)
Vomitory Regorge In The Morgue (official Video)
S.o.b. - Influence Of Slime
Cavalera Conspiracy - Babylonian Pandemonium (official Video) | Napalm Records
Fosa Común - En Silencio
Sodomia - Violent Pacification (19/12/2012) Metalrock & Revo
Slayer - War At The Warfield -DVD- Full

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