Mix de 25 músicas, Thrash Metal

Incubus - Freezing Torment
Hirax-bombs Of Death
Infernal Heirarchy - First Born
Vektor - Tetrastructural Minds
Intro/outbreak Of Evil
Artillery - By Inheritance
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Exodus - Brain Dead (remastered)
Sadus - Illusions - 03 - Sadus Attack
Sacrifice - Soldiers Of Misfortune
Good Morning/black Friday - Megadeth
Wake Up And Smell The Thrash - (metal Puppets!) - Thrash Or Die
Metal Church - Start The Fire
Morbid Saint - Lock Up Your Children
Nuclear Assault - Rise From The Ashes
Excidium (ita) - Symphonies Of Death-cadaverous
Metallica - Whiplash
Holy Terror - No Resurrection
Sepultura - Arise [official Video]
Violator - Futurephobia (official Video)
Cult Of Daath - Doomed By The Witch
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Sepultura - Antichrist
Revocation - Revocation - Invidious (official Music Video)
Megadeth - Holy Wars
Incubus - Freezing Torment

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